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Traditional soap is made by 'saponifying' either an animal fat or vegetable oil by reacting it with a caustic dissolved in water. The soap created is actually a salt with a natural byproduct called glycerin which is the component that makes your skin feel so great when you use real soap. Many mass produced 'soaps' are actually detergents with other added chemicals or alcohol.
Our Brown Soap is made from a vegetable glycerin base which is the byproduct of making biodiesel from cooking oil. In this process the oil is reacted with a caustic dissolved in alcohol which splits the oil into 2 distinct layers- biodiesel & glycerin. This glycerin layer is our raw material and the resulting soap has a much higher level of glycerin than other soaps and unique cleaning properties that no other soaps have.

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Oil Recycling
We care about what we expose our bodies to. The used cooking oil we use in our biodiesel process is clear vegetable oil and is filtered to 15 microns (a human hair is 100 microns thick) and heated to 145F before it is made into biodiesel. During this process it is mixed with an alcohol and caustic to split the glycerin from the oil molecules which then form biodiesel which is a biodegradable substitute for petroleum diesel and home heating oil! Please see our links page for more information about biodiesel.
The glycerin byproduct is then distilled to remove excess alcohol at temperatures in excess of 260F over a period of about 48 hours, effectively sterilizing it before undergoing a further process to make our final product. To contrast- an autoclave used to sterilize medical equipment uses temps of 250F for 15-20 minutes. This gives us a sterilized glycerin base which is free of bacterial residue and animal prions.

To scent our soaps we use mainly Essential Oils and Essential Oil Blends, or naturally derived fragrance oils.

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Biodiesel Glycerine Soap - The Guide
Biodiesel Glycerine Soap - The Guide
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