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The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath clean hands shall be stronger and stronger. - Job 17:9
November 2012
Wash Tyme sent up 3 cases of our Clean & Green Liquid soap along with some water and food with Truth, Freedom, & Prosperity which is a local liberty activist group- they traveled to Staten Island to aid and document the recovery effort from Hurricane Sandy. Please take some time to view the video below and see what the real situation on the ground is, and if you can help in any way please do. 

We believe in being connected with our community and get involved in events to support many charities.  If you are in need of a donated gift basket for a charity event please email Dorinda for consideration.
Spending your money locally can have a dramatic effect on your local economy- when you spend $100 at a local business, $68 returns to the community vs only $43 spent at a national chain store.  Check out Independent We Stand  for more information!

After the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill in 2010 we solicited donations for shipping and sent 55 gallons of liquid degreaser to aid in wildlife cleanup.  Thanks to all those who graciously donated!
Please email us with suggestions and check out our Friends of Wash Tyme page.