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Our Home & More Soap is such a versatile, all-purpose soap that our customers discover new uses for all the time! It can be used full strength or diluted with water. Some examples and recipes are below, please share your stories with us to include!

Dish Soap - tough on grease and food residue, gentle on your hands!


Painted surfaces

Glass Cleaner - combine 2 cups vinegar, 4 tablespoons Home & More soap, and fill to 1 gallon with water. Use in a spray bottle, shake before using. If you use newspaper or lint free towels you will get even better results!

Laundry - either as a pre-treatment for tough stains (even set in stains!) or to replace your current brand of detergent. Use manufacturer recommended amounts for liquid detergent, fine to use in front-loaders but check your warranty first. For pre-treating on tough stains, soak the stain in water first and use a small amount and gently work in with a small brush. Safe for whites and colors!