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As an environmentally conscious small company, we find shipping to be a challenge and offer this information to you to help us bring our products to you in the most cost effective and responsible manner.

Our website has limited functionality to return proper "live" shipping prices. We use primarily the US Post Office Flat Rate option.

The USPS has special regional rates that will save you money. Please use our "Calculate and send me email" shipping selection and we will respond ASAP with exact shipping cost for the lowest cost shipping option. The actual cost will usually be less than the "flat rate" choices displayed. See photos below for sizes and approximate costs to several regions.


Any gallon size shipped will use the Regional Rate C box pictured below, it can hold up to 2 gallon size containers, or a gallon and other product. Approximate cost to West Coast CA is $47. Approximate cost to FL is $20.

We can ship a gallon to West Coast CA via UPS for around $22 by itself. Please submit your order so we can determine the most cost effective way to get it to you, after you accept it then we can send you a money request via Paypal and you can use your debit/credit card (for quickest shipping) or send us a check.

USPS 2 Day Regional Rate A, holds up to 8 pumps & 2 bars, (5) 16 oz, or 17 bars.
Miami FL $7.55
St Louis MS $7.55
San Diego CA 9.97

USPS 2 Day
Regional Rate B, holds up to 18 pumps, (8) 16 oz, or 32 bars.
Miami FL $10.66
St Louis MS $10.66
San Diego CA 16.28

USPS 2 Day
Regional Rate C, holds up to 2 gallons and "lots" of other sizes.
Miami FL $19.78
St Louis MS $19.78
San Diego CA $47.43